About Connect Graphic

About Connect Graphic

What We Do

Connect Graphic is a design studio specializing in small business web and graphic design. We’re here to help your small business look it’s best and expand your reach. We make it easy because we offer web design, graphic design and illustration all in one place. Whether you need a website, mobile website, logo, label for a product, brochure or a complete corporate identity program, we’re here to get it done right, at a price you can afford.

We offer personalized service to ensure your needs and goals are met to your utmost satisfaction. We want your site to stand out from the competition. This doesn’t mean a large time investment on your part; we will make it as easy as possible. Consultations can be done at our studio, on the phone or via email, and designs to be approved can be seen online or emailed.

Who We Are

Connect Graphic is a husband and wife web and graphics team with over 25 years experience in multiple design fields. Both have Bachelor degrees from the prestigious Art Center College of Design.

leah-ski125Leah Knecht has been an art director in fashion, publishing, and interactive design. She then became a Senior Web Developer at Citysearch/Ticketmaster, Inc., and eBuilt, Inc. Clients included Sony Pictures and Fox Entertainment International, many media outlets, as well as in-house initiatives. She also was involved in information architecture, user interface design, usability testing and research.

Jointly, their diverse experiences combine to offer many design styles, ideas, and strengths. Whether your preference is contemporary, traditional, edgy, retro, elegant, or anything else, they can provide the look you envision

ted-knechtTed Knecht (yes, it’s pronounced “Connect”) has designed logos, packaging, album covers, licensed products, point-of-purchase displays, toys, websites and more. Starting in the mid 80’s, Ted began airbrushing posters for local restaurants. As the computer revolution happened, Ted rapidly adapted to digital technology. In the 90’s Ted found work with a westside toy design firm. The next 15 years were spent designing all aspects of the kids’ meal program for the Wendy’s burger chain.

Ted started his own studio with Connect Graphic in 2009 designing websites and graphics for local small businesses. Today we have many happy clients with mobile friendly websites promoting businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the San Gabriel Valley and beyond.

Why We Focus on Web Development

1. It’s the most cost effective form of advertising today…
…compared to print and broadcasting, which are cost-prohibitive, and whose effectiveness is increasingly limited. An inexpensive online campaign can drive traffic to your site, 24/7. It is quick, easy and inexpensive to make changes to tailor your message and target your audience.

2. The web is the most widely used source to find businesses and products.
The latest figures from Nielsen/Net Ratings reveal that approximately 500 million searches are performed on major search engines every day; that doesn’t even include local online directories. Consumers are searching FOR your services or product, so you must not miss the opportunities this presents.

3. A website expands your reach exponentially.
If you have a product, you are no longer limited to local consumers. We can provide an e-commerce site for you to sell directly to consumers worldwide.

4. A good website validates your business.
Most consumers want to research a business before committing. In these tough economic times, and with the widespread use of technology, it is increasingly common to compare websites for products, pricing, and services. Mobile devices are a rapidly gaining a percentage of search traffic, 50% and growing, so a mobile-optimized site is crucial to reaching that audience.

5. Professional Results.
Many people use templates or a friend/relative to design their sites, but without the background knowledge of what makes a site work and what search engines look for in producing results, these sites aren’t doing much for the bottom line. In fact, poorly designed sites can turn-off potential consumers. We can make sure your site will reflect your brand in the best possible light, and will be “Search Engine Optimized (SEO).”

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