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Great Alaska Adventures

My old chum Eric Downey up in Alaska hooked me up with his friend Kent at Great Alaska Adventures.
They are purveyors of fine fishing and adventure lodges in Alaska, Costa Rica and Holbox, Mexico.
Super stoked to update their websites and do some print work as well.
Eric is a wiz with SEO, so he’s covering that end, and I’m building the sites and doing all the graphics.

Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge

Jungle Tarpon Lodge Website

HalfCity Productions

Site for HalfCity Productions

Site for HalfCity Productions

This site for Deb Halberstadt / HalfCity Productions was to replace an old site that had fallen way behind the times.
We gave it a versatile responsive WordPress theme and designed a nice new gallery and promotional site.
Now HalfCity Productions is better than ever. No longer is the site confined to a tiny window. Check it out at