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Dapper Rebels at SGV Sound

Dapper Rebels at SGV Sound This was our first gig. It went well! This is Max Romeo's "Chase the Devil".

Blandine Saint-Oyant

We just built a new portfolio website for Pasadena artist Blandine Saint-Oyant. She has a studio in bungalow heaven. This was a fun job, as she's a great person and I love her work. Her old site was not showing the work well. Tiny images of very detailed paintings don't …

Victor Wooten Music is a Language

Victor Wooten is a genius. I totally agree with his understanding of music as a language. All people around the world know this language. Not everyone can speak it, but all understand.

Kait Dunton

Kait is the sister of one of my oldest friends, Jay Dunton. She is busting out all over with her trio. She hired me to do some logo work for her new album. I hired her back to play our party! Check out this great vid of Kait at work.

Tubeless Tire on a Mountain Bike

This is why you run a tubeless system on your mountain bike. Flats suck. But if you put juice in the tires you can kiss flats goodbye! I've been using tubless tires for 5 years and only flatted once when my stan's juice dried up. Best thing …

Peter Wilson Painting

Peter Wilson Painting and Decorating has been serving residents and businesses in the greater San Gabriel Valley area with outstanding quality painting, color consulting, and restoration of residences and commercial properties for over 25 years. Peter Wilson began his career as an artist, originally in film and animation …

3D Modeling

I got hooked on Strata 3D back in the 90's and spent many a night building whatever my mind wanted to see. Here's a few examples...

Jay Reed Art

Jay Reedwww.jayreedart.comJay Reed is a great multi-disciplined artist we met through the Open Studios Tour. Paintings, Scuptures and Furniture Designs flow out of his Altadena studio. He contacted me about building him a new portfolio site. Much obliged!


Fun little project for Mick Dupre. He has a growing business... Mick grows "microgreens" for high end restaurants. He also grows mushrooms for all kinds of scientific and mysterious purposes. He hired me to make a banner for his greenhouse up in Camarillo. I can't verify as yet, …

Great Alaska Adventures

My old chum Eric Downey up in Alaska hooked me up with his friend Kent at Great Alaska Adventures. They are purveyors of fine fishing and adventure lodges in Alaska, Costa Rica and Holbox, Mexico. Super stoked to update their websites and do some print work as well. Eric …

Forte Estate Solutions

I love getting referals from friends. Jet sent Bart Goedhard to me to fix a photoshop problem with his logo. I did that, and ended up designing a card for him. Now he needs website work. Interesting guy, Bart. He valuates the contents of estates. He must …

Snoop and Rickles

The best sit down ever. What could go wrong? Snoop mines the legendary Don Rickles for secrets of freestyle.

Open Studios Adverts

Thanks to Ace Smoke Shop and Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters for hiring me to do their ads for the 2018 Open Studios catalog.

R.I.P Snotty Scotty

10/16/16 we lost a brother. Snotty Scotty was the life of this town for as long as anyone can remember. His death brought an end to an era. It was the end of our collective youth, even though most of us are 60 or better. R.I.P. Snotty Scotty.