Hurricane Irma

Global Warming or Climate Change, whatever you want to call it… is real and getting worse fast.

We have lost Houston to Hurricane Harvey flooding and most of Florida to Irma, the largest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. Yet the people we trust with our country’s saftey, indeed the world’s safety, denies the truth of climate change.

I say make the Oil Companies pay for the reconstruction of these cities and towns destroyed by their lust for oil profits.

I say reject and shame any politician who takes money from the toxic fuel industry.

I say ban the internal combustion engine for the public. We have all the tech to go solar/electric in our homes with batteries and panels.

I say mandate global human population reduction. ZPG was the mantra in the 60’s. I’d prefer negative poulation growth.

I say tele-commuting is a must.

What do you think?

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