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Whiskey Flat

My Father, Peter D Knecht was an attorney with the Warner Brothers Studios.

He was often invited to the Bohemian Grove to schmooze with the rich and powerful of his day.

He wrote a song about it, as was his custom.

Please enjoy his ode to “Whiskey Flat”.

Ozzy Osbourne-Facing Hell

3D Modeling

I got hooked on Strata 3D back in the 90’s and spent many a night building whatever my mind wanted to see. Here’s a few examples…


R.I.P Snotty Scotty

10/16/16 we lost a brother.

Snotty Scotty was the life of this town for as long as anyone can remember.

His death brought an end to an era.

It was the end of our collective youth, even though most of us are 60 or better.

R.I.P. Snotty Scotty.


News and Updates


Ducky Products finally has a cool new responsive website!

Tubeless Tire on a Mountain Bike

This is why you run a tubeless system on your mountain bike.

Victor Wooten Music is a Language

Leah Knecht’s Servatron

Kait Dunton

Kait is the sister of an OG friend, Jay Dunton. She is busting out all over with her trio.
She hired us to do some logo work for her new album. We hired her back to play our party!
Check out this great vid of Kait at work.