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Corona Virus 3

Corona Virus Mask

So Leah found some cool masks at Hoopla!. The pandemic continues. Everyone on lockdown. Some states are opening up but having the virus make a comeback as predicted. I will stay hunkered down in my hobbyroom. Below are some links…

Corona Virus 1

Locked Down! The whole world is cowering in fear right now from the worst pandemic in our lifetime. We all have to do our due diligence in this critical time. 1. Stay Home! This is the safest place to be,…

Acorn Beekeeping

One of my oldest clients, Acorn Beekeeping is run by my old friend Nick Lissaman. I met him in 3rd Grade. We’ve been doing business together since the mid nineties.

Great Alaska Adventures

Clients Kent & Julie John

Kent John at Great Alaska Adventures is one of my best clients. He always has work for me. His family has been running their adventure lodge in Alaska since 1988. They also have fishing lodges in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Sire Bass Guitars

So I’ve played Fender basses for years. P basses, Jazz basses and weird Franken-Fenders. I’ve filed frets, ripped out frets, replaced pickups and made brass nuts. I’ve tried everything to give that damn bass a personality. But nothing prepared me…